Quick announcement, a new name!

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Hello all. This post is not long. Just a brief announcement to let you all know:

The Masculine Christian has officially become Man Warrior King. While the title “The Masculine Christian” definitely reflected well the goal of this community to become better men by healing our minds with the truth of the kingdom and by walking in our full authentic God-given identities, it didn’t encompass the entirety of our message.

So as of today, The Masculine Christian is now known as Man Warrior King.

You, brother, are all three of those things.

It has been my experience growing up in church, that we often learn the principles that, yes, we are kings. We hear the verse that we are a royal priesthood and we believe…okay, I’m royal. And we understand that we are supposed to be warriors. We fight against darkness. We fight the good fight of faith. All that goodness.

But I believe that both of those identities that we have the honor of walking in can be incomplete if we don’t also understand who we are as Men. You, friend, are a man. And as a man, you are called to war. And you do have the privilege of carrying yourself in this world as a king.

What does all that mean?

We’ll continue to find out together as you join me on this journey. Don’t worry. I’ll keep putting out the same content. The next post in our Amazing Sex in Marriage series is coming soon. And be looking for the brand new podcast in the near future.

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