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Adopting a Warrior Mindset

There is a subtle but vastly significant shift that I think many of us men need to make in our thinking. Many of us wake up each morning with a pamper-me mindset. What?! I hear the objections rising up from everywhere right now. Pamper-me?! Are you kidding me? I’m a...

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Quick announcement, a new name!

Hello all. This post is not long. Just a brief announcement to let you all know: The Masculine Christian has officially become Man Warrior King. While the title "The Masculine Christian" definitely reflected well the goal of this community to become...

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Take Action like a Man

When was the last time you got up and did something significant? You didn’t wait for approval. You didn’t wonder if it would be okay for you to do this. You didn’t worry what someone was going to think. You just did it because you know that what’s in your...

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Masculinity: Wake Up and Live

If you feel like you're halfway sleeping in your life--like there are very key pieces that just simply seem to be...missing--then today, I'm going to help you wake up. This is the beginning of your transformation. The pain you're feeling from, let's be...

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