Episode 6 – Rising Up and Taking Kingdom Risk, Like Jonathan

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Podcast


Even in the crazy storms of life, it is possible for us to enter a place in God where we navigate through unshaken…where we are not affected by the crazy. In the kingdom, our well-being at any given moment does not depend on what’s going on around us, it depends on WHO is going on inside of us.

From this place, we are able to rise up against whatever circumstances and march forward in our calling and identity as kingdom men…like Jonathan did. He defied the odds and did something incredibly stupid, but absolutely full of faith, courage, and in line with God’s heart. And the world reaped the rewards.

In this episode you will become more Man Warrior King as you learn:

  • How Matt’s personal battle and struggle in recent months has been used to forge new strength in him
  • The way a Kingdom man stands in the face of nasty storms
  • The only way to know for sure if what you’re hearing really is God calling you forward
  • Why risk is better than inaction
  • Whether or not there are any pre-qualifications for taking action
  • What Jesus REALLY thinks of those ideas you’ve been kicking around in your head
  • What will happen if and when YOU finally take a risk (hint: it’s important)


Welcome to Man Warrior King. I’m Matt Hallock. Together, we’re bringing men in the church back to life. And we’re bringing the kingdom back to life within men.

We don’t settle. Ever. We keep pushing for more of God’s presence, more of his power. More authority in our spheres. More confidence in our spirit. More passion in our relationships. More health in our bodies, minds, and emotions. More miracles in our daily life.

If Jesus said it, we believe it at all costs.

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