The life of a kingdom man is meant to be a life lived on an entirely different plain. It is meant to look, feel, sound utterly different from anything the world knows. So as you are staring down the giants in front of you right now, how will you slay them? In this episode, Matt challenges you to fight back against your enemies by getting alone with God and fighting it out with HIM first. Like Jacob, wrestle with him through the night. But–do it with the right heart…a heart of fierce, fiery, focused humility and confidence.

In this episode, you’ll become more Man Warrior King as you discover:

  • How to stop waiting for breakthrough to happen TO you, like a victim…and to instead proactively partner with Jesus in taking responsibility for it.
  • The key to life-change that you can take for yourself from the life of Jacob.
  • What to do when everything you’ve tried just. isn’t. working.
  • A simple but powerful shift in your praying that will drastically change everything.
  • A true, Godly sign that you are moving in confidence and not cowardice.
  • What moves God to actually answer those deep cries of your soul.
  • How prayer, dedicated time in prayer, IS in fact the responsible, manly thing to do.

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