What does it mean to truly repent? To change the way you’ve been approaching something when you realize you’ve been doing it all wrong? In this episode, Matt opens up about a major heart-change that God has led him through surrounding not only the Man Warrior King community, but also his life at large. Matt shares with us how his heart has recently returned to the Lord, the same way that God beckons of his people in the book of Jeremiah.

What in your own life has grown up and choked out the life of the Kingdom? Where have you put other concerns, urgent needs, elements of life on earth, above Jesus himself? If you want to live a truly powerful, kick-butt life where you walk in all of the abundance and authority that Jesus promised, then it’s time to take a look at what needs to be surrendered, uprooted, and given over to the king. Make Jesus King again, and let him bring his healing empowering presence.

In this episode, you’ll become more Man Warrior King as you learn:

  • The two ways we often sink the ship of our own life, according to Jeremiah 2.
  • What pieces of your life have snuck in and taken over your attention, energy, and time, leaving you spinning your wheels and disconnected.
  • How the kingdom path to life-change is vastly different than that of most everyone else.
  • What synergy looks like between you and God.
  • How you have abandoned the wild, bold, dangerous faith you had before, and how reclaiming this is your right and your duty.
  • How to seek God from a heart standpoint that ACTUALLY connects with him. 
  • The challenge that Matt is issuing to you to surrender.

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