In this episode, learn how to persevere in your praying and not give up too soon. What if you’ve planted seeds and they are still germinating, but because you assume God answered no, you’ll walk away and never see the harvest. God promises to answer prayer. It’s traditions of men that have come up with stupid explanations like, “He will give you what you need but not necessarily what you want.” I’m sorry…Psalms tell us that if you delight yourself in him, he will give you the DESIRES of your heart.

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00:01 – 09:33
Seed time and harvest, Patience, Persistence, Transformation, Healing, Faith, Discouragement, Prayer, Transformation, Growth

09:37 – 18:09
Jacob’s Promise, God’s Presence, Faith and Belief, Trusting God’s Favor, Overcoming Doubt, Growth and Change, Stewardship of Harvest, Hope and Healing, Awakening Faith, Experiencing God’s Reality

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