One of the biggest pitfalls for men in their marriage is when they effectively “hide their lamp under a basket” (to use the words of Jesus in Mark 4). It sounds dumb and cheesy, but it’s far from it. This revelation on masculinity in husbanding a woman is a must listen.

In this episode, Matt shares revelation on marriage from a passage of the Gospels never used for marriage: Mark 4.

Listen to the episode, and you’ll discover:

  • How important it is to not “hide your lamp under a basket” ESPECIALLY when relating with your wife.
  • The attitude and disposition that a man consumed by Jesus should conduct himself with in his marriage.
  • The key to enduring through resistance, even from your wife, and the freaking amazing results that can happen to the man who endures.
  • How to be confident, sure of yourself, and therefore attractive to your wife, even when she resists you.

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