Campfire Talks 1 – Anger?

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Podcast



Welcome to the Man Warrior King Podcast’s brand new Friday Campfire Talks. Every Friday, we’ll be talking about stories from life, crazy miracle stories of what Jesus has done, short reflections on what God is saying this week, quick insights into your life.

The first ever Friday Campfire episode is about anger. God has been angry. What does this mean for you? Can you be angry? What do we do with this?

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Welcome to Man Warrior King. I’m Matt Hallock. Together, we’re bringing men in the church back to life. And we’re bringing the kingdom back to life within men.

We don’t settle. Ever. We keep pushing for more of God’s presence, more of his power. More authority in our spheres. More confidence in our spirit. More passion in our relationships. More health in our bodies, minds, and emotions. More miracles in our daily life.

If Jesus said it, we believe it at all costs.

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