If you find that your life is being changed by Jesus through the work we’re doing here through the blog and podcast at Man Warrior King, you are welcome to send a gift.

It’s my intention to have Man Warrior King be a fully self-sustaining business and to not rely at all on donations. However, in my own life, there have been many times that I have tithed to certain preachers or ministries because I have gotten massive growth and breakthrough simply through reading or listening to their material.

So if this is you, and you WANT to give in that same spirit, then please feel free. 


Please be aware, that when you are redirected to the Paypal page, you’ll find two things:

1) You’ll have to enter your gift amount in the box…whatever you choose.

2) You’ll see that you’re making a payment to “Matt Hallock Tutoring”. Until I upgrade my tech, these gifts will go to Man Warrior King, via that business account.

3) Finally, please know Man Warrior King is NOT a non-profit, so your gift won’t be tax-deductible. So an extra big thank you 🙂

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