–monthly membership–

You resonate deeply with the gospel of the Kingdom, the message of masculinity, the real-life raw powerful living all laid out in The DNA of a Man. But you need more help with HOW exactly to get there. Join the Ranks, full of men putting their marriage back together, overcoming disease, discovering their purpose, discovering fierce confidence and assertiveness, and much more. 


–group marriage transformation program–

Experience the most transformational marriage training I personally have ever seen in or out of the church. Stop trying to navigate between Christian marriage help, which hardly helps…and secular masculinity training, which has no power of the Spirit.

Watch while your inner confidence, and your marriage, come ALIVE.



–one on one coaching–

You want dedicated intensive focus so that you can get maximum transformation results in the quickest time possible. We apply the Man Warrior King lifestyle, the Conqueror’s Mindset, the IdentityPrincipleMission paradigm to your unique circumstances.

We help you rekindle your marriage, discover your manly drive to achieve your God-given mission, get your thoughts healthy so your emotions can strengthen.

And we lead you into hearing God’s voice and walking in real POWER of his Spirit.


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