Who I am:

I am a man, husband, father, and son of God who has learned and is learning what it means to truly husband a woman and to truly lead my own self. Growing up without a strong Dad presence in my life meant that I have had to learn this stuff by going through some intense fire. I have known first hand the pain that can come from lack of connection with my wife…but even more than that, the pain of feeling like a failure as a husband, and therefore as a man.

But through battling and overcoming a debilitating health condition, financial crisis, and relational strife, I’ve learned how to connect with Jesus and let him Father me into a place of pushing back against that darkness crap. Of not taking “no” for an answer from life. Of being able to truly love my wife from a place of masculine strength and power so that her respect and admiration flow freely without my having to beg and argue for it. Of having joy and confidence even when life circumstances…fight back.

And now I run a podcast, blog, and online community of men who are after all this same stuff. And I coach men into living in their full, awesome, God-given, powerful potential. I coach them to see life-change through the power of Jesus and his truth.

What you’re looking for:

So if, when you’re being honest with yourself, you’d say that you’re struggling in your marriage.

  • If you feel like you’re not connecting with your wife the way you used to.
  • If you miss feeling your wife’s attraction to, confidence in, and respect for you.
  • If you don’t feel confident and secure as a man and husband in your own home.

Then welcome. I’ve been there. And I’m absolutely confident that I’ll be able to show you the way through to the other side. Whether you take the path is up to you.

But here’s the thing: If you’re being REALLY honest with yourself, aside from the conflict and lack of warmth and connection in your marriage, you probably feel like something is a bit off in you. Yes, obviously you’d love for some things in her to change, but if we get down to it, you may not be all that proud of how you’ve been going through life either. There might be a voice nagging at you, reminding you that you can be the change that you so badly want.

I’ll bet, then, that you could use help not only in healing the hurt on both sides of your marriage, but also in getting yourself to the place where you know that you are living authentically according to your values and convictions. Where your moods, feelings, and actions are not being swayed by your wife, or anyone else for that matter. Where you fully come alive as a powerful, loving, leading husband because, dang it, that’s just who you are.

There is hope and help for you and your marriage, my friend. Jesus died in order to make the full force of heaven ready and available to lead you into passion, intimacy, and just plain old happiness and joy in your home. Let’s do this.



How I Work:

I live, breathe, and work through the presence and power of Jesus. Always have. Always will. Consequently, I’ll be praying for you a lot. I’ll be praying over you, and I’ll be asking the Lord what HE wants to say to you and do in you…not just my own opinion.

That said, as far as I’m concerned, you have my respect regardless of what you believe or where you are at in your connection with God. And I’ll be real with you about where I’m at as long as you’re real with me about where you’re at. Otherwise we won’t be getting anywhere of significance.

You’ll see that the things I’ll be teaching you and leading you into would absolutely change your life even if you never gave God a second thought.

What You Get:

  • One free initial video meeting where you get to tell me your story, where you’re currently at in your marriage and life at large, and what exactly you want to see happen through our work together.
            • I’ll also tell you a bit more about myself.
            • And I’ll give you the general lay of the land for where we’ll be going.
      • One month (4 weekly video meetings) of one-on-one coaching/mentorship. I ask for a minimum of one month commitment because in order for this to work, you must be fully invested and committed to your own growth. Week by week won’t cut it. It’s time to go big.
            • You and I will meet on Zoom. I’ll record our calls and send them to you so you can have the audio/video for future reference.
            • These will be a combination of both letting you, your struggles, your week’s ups and downs in your marriage, lead us in our discussion AND also of us working through my plan and the path that I see in front of you.
            • Healing your marriage and strengthening your soul is an art that requires both solid vision and sensitive flexibility.
      • Urgent, in-the-moment, access to me outside of our weekly meetings via text/phone/email
      • A selection of books/resources that we’ll use to bring the life-change you’re needing.


  • Cost: A one-hour meeting plan costs $300 per month
                A one-and-a-half-hour meeting plan costs $400 per month ($50 discount)
  • To begin: Fill out the form below and we’ll set up the free initial consultation meeting. You don’t pay or commit until after that.

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