Stop playing around, hoping that some day you’ll magically become the man you want to be with the victorious life you want to have.

We’ve gone about things all wrong, and we need to get back on track.

Are you ready to rebuild?


Rebuild your MIND

  • Connect to your God-given masculinity.
  • Get out of the mud of “stuck-ness”.
  • Become confident and powerful.
  • Become a Kingdom Badass (who isn’t a jerk and isn’t a pushover)

Rebuild your MARRIAGE

  • Draw out your wife’s affection and sexual desire.
  • Stop being a man of desperation, who tries to convince his wife to give herself to him.
  • Become a Man of Dominion, and create the right atmosphere for marital fire to flow freely.

Rebuild your MISSION

  • Stop living in the paralysis of your own head, always feeling less than.
  • Live boldly authentic. Speak your mind. Speak your convictions. Bring the kingdom to your surroundings without shame and without apology.
  • Learn how to proactively walk in miracles without just waiting around for God to do something.

Because you, like David’s Mighty Men, are about to become one of the fiercest, most dangerous, most alive and unleashed Kingdom Men this modern era has ever known. You are a man who chases out the enemy. 

Unshakeable Man One on One Coaching


    We will find a time that works for you to hold our weekly virtual one on one sessions.

    I will give you actionable homework so that you can take the Book of James at face value and

    “become a DOER of the word and not just a passive receiver.” (my paraphrase)

    You will get all recordings of our sessions so that you can keep and review them as often as needed.

    You will get free access to my premium courses (worth over $1k)

    You will get free access to my men’s network for the duration of your coaching.

    The DNA of a Man is required reading for all men who enlist in this coaching, before we begin meeting.

    PRICE is $2800

    Program duration is 8 weeks.

    OR…$4200 for 12 weeks.




    I want you to know exactly what you’re in for…and who you’re in it with.

    I’ve been down this road, in all of its pot-holes, speed bumps, pitfalls, and hazardous driving conditions. I started out confident in my early relationship with my wife (pre- and early- marriage).

    And then a whole lot of life happened.

    I’ve been married for 14 years. I’ve also been battling a very significant health condition for those same 14 years. I’ve never experienced married life completely 100% healthy.

    My wife has never had a husband who could physically do all the things a man is meant to do: all the heavy lifting, climbing down under the car or sink or house, carry our kids around and wrestle with them on the floor, pick HER up and carry her to bed.

    As my body struggled in its physical pain, the weak foundations in my mind began to show themselves significantly in our marriage.

    I looked to my wife to define me, to give me purpose and significance. To make me feel either awesome about myself as a man, or terrible about myself as a man.

    What was incredibly frustrating was that I felt like we were getting more disconnected emotionally, spiritually, and sexually all while I was trying my freaking hardest to be an amazing husband and to love and serve her well.

    But I was hurting her, depriving her of her needs as a woman, pressuring her, NEEDING her. And her pain was just as, if not more, real and devastating as mine. But I didn’t see it.

    Enter my unique qualification to help you.



      tools on

      I spent years looking for marriage help from the church. Pastors, friends, books, blogs, marriage workshops. I got little nuggets of gold along the way, but not true healing. 

      And it was so dang frustrating feeling like none of the instruction and help I was getting was working.

      In fact, a lot of what I “learned” I had tried already. I had been doing all the things with incredible skill and power, so I thought.

      So why was MY marriage the one that they didn’t work for?

      But then I started branching out into books and counsel from men outside the church. They knew some things about being a real man, about being a good husband, that no one in the church ever told me!

      And these “worldly” sources awakened in me a new passion for Jesus, life, my wife, and also myself. To figure out who I am and to be proud of it.

      I had to rediscover the kingdom within the world of masculinity. I had to discover my masculinity and the way to a TRULY healthy marriage within the context of the Kingdom…not the world, and not the church.

      This, friend, is what I offer you: the Kingdom manifest in your marriage. In your mind. In your mission as a man on this earth.

      The choice is yours.

      Unshakeable Man One on One Coaching

      Helping you to be POWERFUL AND ADVANCING


        Hurting men are coming back to life THROUGH THE MAN WARRIOR KING MOVEMENT

        “Matt helped me to begin proactively working WITH God instead of passively hoping for a better future.”

        “Matt’s work has spoken to me deeply about manhood. It’s re-energized me and given me ammunition to build being a man as a realistic goal. That my wife and children will benefit from.”

        “It was so enlightening to see the areas where I have not been leading well. My transformation came when I really dove into where I was, and just being honest.”

        “Absolutely changed my outlook and perspective…I am so grateful.”

        “It was good being a part of a group of guys heading in the same direction to become more of a kingdom man. It was really impactful and really powerful [including] Campfires and Battlegrounds.”


        “Matt comes with my highest recommendation.”  –Pastor Theo, Corralitos Community Church

        See How Other Men Are Finding Hope, Healing,

        and Victory through 

        The DNA of a Man

        This is just a fraction…



        Schedule a FREE Prelim Coaching Call with Matt

        This is our way of seeing if you and I are a good fit for each other, and if I can offer you the road to life-change, confidence, and victory that you’re looking for. Please note, filling out the form in the calendar booking process is required, as is showing up for this free call. On the call we will talk about the program and about YOU. I will help you get unstuck as much as possible in our short 30 minutes together, and we’ll determine what your next steps may be should you be a good fit for the program.

        PRICE is $1599

        Program duration is 8 weeks.

        FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION AND COACHING CALL to see if we’re a good fit.

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