The Absolute Most Important Shift You Need to Make for the Sake of Your Marriage and Your Sex Life


Before any of your romantic gestures, your attempts to please her in bed, your new oral sex techniques, sex positions, or dirty talk ideas will ever come close to working…

You must learn how to stop being a Desperate Man.

That’s right. It’s humiliating, embarrassing, and downright angering to even think it, but you need to hear it.

You’ve been going through your marriage, and maybe even your life, as a Desperate Man.

In this mode, you’ve been a victim. You’ve been hopeless and discouraged. You’ve blamed your wife or your kids for why your life isn’t going anywhere. You’ve been losing your wife’s attraction to you. It must stop.

No woman is ever horny for desperate men.

The more you try to please her, the more you will push her away.

That too must stop.

Instead, you must learn how to become a Man of Dominion.

Only when you become this new kind of man, the man you were designed by God to be from the beginning of time–a man who conquers the world, a man who paints on the canvas of his life, wife, and family, a man who walks through life naked and unashamed, a man free to love truly, selflessly, powerfully, a man flowing with true compassion and conviction–

Only then will you have any foundation upon which to build a spicy, sexy, powerful sex life with your bride.

Imagine sending and receiving sext messages throughout the day.

Imagine buying her flowers and having her melt in your arms when you walk through the door.

Imagine her looking you in the eyes with that, “Take me” look she used to give you when you were dating.

Imagine being able to take a, “Not tonight, babe,” without getting hurt, angry, hopeless, and starting a fight…because a) you are freaking confident that you’re awesome, and b) you know you just got it on last night, and you’ll probably do it again in the next couple days anyway, and c) you are so pleased and full of admiration for your wife that loving her is its own reward.

Imagine sex being normal and frequent…and FUN!

Yes, all of that is possible my friend.

And I’m taking men just like you–just like me–to that place of sexual fulfillment and general life confidence.

See, most well-meaning advice and guidance in the church about sex is about staying pure (which is obviously good). But not many are talking about getting hot, passionate, and wild with your bride.

And because we’ve considered sex taboo for so long, I believe that we, the church, have lost a bit of the wisdom of how to actually be sexually attractive, how to have a long-term sustained sexual tension and desire for our spouses.

So the wisdom toward men in their marriages is often “wisdom” that feeds the initial problem in the first place:

“Figure out what your wife needs and do it. Make her happier.”

And yes, while we should all be looking to serve and honor our wives. We cannot do any of that with any real value until we men find ourselves and our full masculine presence and energy again. Otherwise, we’re just perpetuating the problem.

So if this is you, my friend–if this resonates with you–if you’re ready for some real, ball-busting change and to become manly in your approach to your wife and to sex–then you need to join us in┬áMan Warrior King’s masterclass:


The Irresistible Husband:

Become a Man of Dominion. Lead your marriage into abundant mind-blowing sex.


In this course I don’t guarantee anything about more-sex-this-month, or get-your-wife-hot-for-you, or anything about sexual results.

You must know that you can’t control her. You can’t manipulate her. You can’t change her.

You must be willing to do the HARD work of transformation in faith, trusting that God will meet you out in the forge of the wilderness. Trusting that this is what you were meant for even if your wife never gets on board.

But I can guarantee that if you put in the work, YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED.

You will think more clearly. You will wake up each morning with less and less mental and emotional pain and turmoil.

You will reconnect with God in a way you thought was long over.

You will feel growing in your spirit your capacity to give and to love and to bless and to lead.

You will be free to pursue the dreams and convictions that have long lain dormant under your cloud of depression and subservience and wife-pleasing.

You will stop being apologetic for the fact that you want sex. You will own your desire, harness your desire, and be proud of your desire.

You will begin to experience such a massive transformation at your core, that your wife won’t be able to help but notice. What she does with that is her choice. But YOU, Man, won’t be standing in the way of the sex life you want anymore.

So if you are ready to say yes to becoming confident, irresistible, powerful, connected with your Creator and his mission and identity for you…if you are ready to do YOUR part in creating the sex life you’ve been desperate for…

Then fill out the application below.

And you’ll be hearing from me shortly. I’m excited for you. Love you, Brother.

What exactly is this Irresistible Husband Boot Camp?

A FREE Two Week Group Mentorship Boot Camp.



Once you apply and are admitted, you will be a part of a tight-knit brotherhood of other Kingdom-Minded Husbands who want healing in their marriages and are ready to finally see the breakthrough they’ve been praying for.



You will be a part of our private, members-only Facebook Group and you will be asked to attend or watch 6 live video-conference training sessions over the next two weeks: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


We will meet at 6am on those days, via Zoom and Facebook Live. If you have to miss, there will be recordings available.


We will start on Monday, November 19th and end Friday, November 23rd. Yes, that’s Thanksgiving week. But this is serious, and it’s time you commit.



Again, these are not pre-recorded videos that you watch on your own. I will be there, live. And we’ll be going through this stuff together. I need this. You need this. We need to lock arms and take ground together



You will not be sitting back and just watching. You will participate by completing assignments and posting them as videos or write-ups to the Facebook group.



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