Here you go, my friend. Glad you’re going to join us!

    In these 8 weeks, you’re going to see a brand new you in your marriage. You’re going to be finally positioning yourself to awaken your desire for your wife…and HER desire for you!

    That’s what we’re about this summer:

    Awakening passionate desire and creating legendary marriages.


    Here are your logistics:

    • We meet for eight weeks, beginning Thursday June 9
    • Meeting times: Thursdays at 4:30pm -6:30pm Central Time
    • Meet over zoom.
    • You get the recordings.
    • You get a Husbands:Resurrected 24/7 app/group chat network for us to stay strong as a band of brothers, growing together.
    • You get physical fitness training challenges.
    • You get spiritual fitness training challenges.
    • You get marriage challenges.
    • You get journaling action plans.
    • You get absolutely revolutionary training on how to awaken desire between you and your wife…WITHOUT pushing her away even more
    • You get the opportunity to attend some of the sessions TOGETHER with your wife, for both of you to train together.
    • You get the Better Sex Action Plan.
    • You get the Married Red Pill of Communication.
    • BONUS: 1 Hour one on one session with Matt
    • BONUS: 100% OFF in person Kings&Queens 2022 Marriage Conference in Franklin, TN
    • BONUS: Discounted couples sessions available only to Husbands:Resurrected participants.


    “Matt helped me to begin proactively working WITH God instead of passively hoping for a better future.”

    “Matt’s work has spoken to me deeply about manhood. It’s re-energized me and given me ammunition to build being a man as a realistic goal. That my wife and children will benefit from.”

    “It was so enlightening to see the areas where I have not been leading well. My transformation came when I really dove into where I was, and just being honest.”

    “Absolutely changed my outlook and perspective…I am so grateful.”

    “It was good being a part of a group of guys heading in the same direction to become more of a kingdom man. It was really impactful and really powerful [including] Campfires and Battlegrounds.”


    “Matt comes with my highest recommendation.”  –Pastor Theo, Corralitos Community Church

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