In this episode, discover some of the little known truths in the christian marriage help world…the truths about cat energy vs dog energy. Unfortunately many of the church’s teachings about how to be a Godly husband leave men acting like dogs running around their wives, tails wagging, trying to get her to notice them. It’s time we discover how to be a MASCULINE husband, and a Kingdom man.

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00:00:01-Introduction to Man Warrior King Podcast

Matt Hallock introduces the Man Warrior King podcast and expresses his excitement for the movement. He also mentions the topic of marriage and being a cat person versus a dog person.

00:00:29-The Cat vs. Dog Discussion

Matt discusses the common preference for dogs over cats, especially among men, and shares his personal experience of being a cat person. He also introduces the idea of being a cat person or a dog person in the context of marriage.

00:03:39-Behavioral Comparison: Cat vs. Dog

Matt describes the behavior of his dog and explains how it relates to the behavior of some men in their marriages. He draws parallels between the behavior of a dog and the behavior of a man in a marriage.

00:07:56-Negative Impact of Dog-Like Behavior in Marriage

Matt highlights the negative impact of behaving like a dog in a marriage, emphasizing the need for confidence and independence in a husband’s behavior. He discusses the emotional and behavioral parallels between a dog and a husband in a marriage.

00:14:19-Embracing Cat-Like Behavior in Marriage

Matt encourages men to embrace cat-like behavior in their marriages, emphasizing the importance of confidence, independence, and allowing space for mutual pursuit in the relationship. He contrasts the behavior of a cat with that of a dog in the context of marriage.

00:18:09-Final Thoughts

Matt concludes with a message of love and encouragement for his audience, expressing his care and support for the gentlemen listening to the podcast.

Topics Discussed:

00:01 – 09:57

marriage, cat person, dog person ,emotional dependency, husband wife relationship dynamics

10:03 – 18:20

Anticipation, Attention, Affection, Insecurity, Confidence, Masculinity, Femininity

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