Faith is not what we think. Jesus offended his disciples by his own display of faith, meanwhile calling them out for their lack of faith–even when they are coming to him, rather than to someone else. If calling out to Jesus when we are in danger isn’t faith…then what is? And how can I as a man uplevel my experience of the Kingdom so that I become a storm-calmer?

In this episode, listen in as Matt guest speaks at a powerful community church. You will have your eyes opened and your faith reinvigorated.

  • Learn the important difference between desperation and faith.
  • Learn how to handle your feelings of fear without giving in to that fear.
  • Understand your inheritance as a son of the Father to speak as Jesus spoke.

Sometimes following Jesus isn’t sexy. Sometimes growing into the man that you know you can be isn’t sexy. And if you’re not ready for the opposition from ALL sides, you might give up before you reach the reward. Don’t be that guy. Don’t quit. Be like Nehemiah.

  • How to keep pushing forward even when everything is against you.
  • The proper mindset to have as your undergoing transformation.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect everyone to understand.

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