One of the biggest points of weakness in the life of a man is when he lives in discord with what he says he believes. As men, if we want to be solid, strong, safe, attractive, prosperous, we MUST have our actions line up with what we say we believe. We must be reliable, dependable, unshakeable from our convictions. Jesus himself said that a house divided against itself will not stand. So if we say we trust Jesus, we believe him, we follow him, but we let sneaky little thoughts

of weakness,
of worthlessness,
of hopelessness,
of lack

…secretly shape our actions and decisions, then we’re divided. And we’re setting ourselves up to crash hard.

In this episode, Matt will challenge you to figure out what you believe and then act like it. Do you believe Jesus? Even all the incredibly crazy and outlandish and irrational and unwise things that he said? Or do you not? If so, it’s time to live up to that standard and not to try to squeeze him into our comfort zones.

In this episode you’ll become more Man Warrior King as you discover:

  • Places where you have been settling for less that what Jesus says over your life.
  • What a man’s life can TRULY look like in the face of disaster and challenge.
  • Keys to finally start living in unstoppable victory.

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