In this first ever episode of the Man Warrior King podcast, Matt discusses an issue that many husbands today find themselves dealing with: the need for their wives to make them feel okay.

This is a common pitfall that many men make, where they hang their spiritual, emotional, vocational well-being on their wife’s well-being. But men need to be solid and emotionally independent of their wives. They need to be anchored to Jesus, not their woman. This is the only way to both be healthy individually and have a healthy marriage.

In this episode, you will become more Warrior and King as you…

  • Learn where this pitfall stems from in the psyche of a man
  • Understand a crucial difference between men’s emotions and women’s emotions
  • Figure out that she’s okay…and you’re okay.
  • Discover some vital things NOT to say in your home…if you want to earn respect, admiration, and affection
  • Step into your true, healthy, Kingdom role when it comes to your emotions
  • Learn how to feel without being mastered by your feelings
  • Place all of your need on Jesus, not your wife or anyone else.

You’ll also learn the steps you need to take in order to change the life-draining habit of needing from our wife in order to be okay, and to start operating in your own Kingdom strength.

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