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I know you initially were only planning on buying a book, and that’s okay, you’re welcome to move down the page to your instructions on how to access the book, etc.

But if you know that you know that you need more than a book. 

If you know that you need deep, dedicated intensive training in brotherhood with other Kingdom-minded men going after masculinity and the things of the Spirit.

Then I would like to challenge you to click this button to read about the Ranks of Adullam. It’s our 3-month group transformation initiative where you enter in whatever state you find yourself. The Bible would call it bitter, in distress, and in debt.

But you exit as an on fire warrior more fierce, zealous, alive, and formidable than ever before. You become a man whose wife respects, admires, and even desires. You become a man of confidence who is no longer timid in the world. You become a man intimately familiar with God’s actual voice and routinely walking in the miracles of the book of Acts.

If this appeals to you, here’s what I want you to do:

1) Click this button to learn more about the Ranks. It will open in a new tab. DO NOT CLOSE THIS ONE since you still need it for your instructions on how to access the DNA of a Man.

2) Register for the Ranks if you are ready

3) If you’re not ready to register, come back here to schedule a call BEFORE the 28th of July. I can clear up any questions you have.

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 Run the race with like-minded men who want nothing less than all of Jesus, without the empty religious, powerless platitudes that have snagged us. 

Join in on our regular Man Warrior King Council sessions: 
  • LIVE MINISTRY SESSIONS with prophetic prayer from Matt, Kingdom Masculinity teaching, and person-to-person interaction through Zoom and Youtube Live. 
  • Wednesdays at 7pm PST  

​Need help, encouragement, or someone to challenge you? Find brotherhood and the drive toward excellence from others inside the Council 


Download and read this powerful whitepaper.

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